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Welcome to Lissa Alexandra Photography, a Yorkshire based female photographer specialising in wedding and lifestyle photography.

Wedding Photography

It is the most special day of your life and you want to capture the romantic and the emotional mood of the event. Expect your wedding photos in all its cinematic glory while the photo speaks your love story to you.

Lifestyle Photography

We love to get pictures clicked of all the events in the life. Rightly so, because it is the only way we can reminisce after a few years. Get the pictures clicked in the way you liked. Our photographer peeps into your personality to understand your liking.

Commercial Photography

Where looking to model or just want some cute and adorable photos of your new-born, we have it all covered. From helping you with the ideas to achieve what you desire; we can assure you one thing. We will always be on the same page as you.

Your Wedding + Our Visualization

Best Love Stories, Ever!

Capture the beauty of the proposal or your honeymoon by using our photography services. Scenic, stunning and romantic is the common themes that you will find in our works, that have found a permanent spot in our clients’ living room.

Specialist In

Post, Pre Wedding And Contemporary Photography

Get old school themes pictures or capture the quirkiness of your groom. You would be impressed by the thought that we put into every frame.

Why Choose Us ?

personalised wedding touches

Looking for something specific in your wedding photos? We will add that bring forward to you the most charming photo.

Personalised Albums

We also provide you with albums, that will last generations for you to look at and smile. You may even choose the theme of the album.

canvas & slideshows

Looking for some special photos to be displayed? We will click them for you, so that you can go ahead that display them.

newborn shoots

Newborn shoots are beautiful but challenging. Our expert photographer is a pro at handling the babies and bringing the parent’s vision to life.

The Lifestyle Photo Shoots

Here are all the services that we offer.

Maternity Shoot

The most beautiful phase of your life deserves an album of its own. Get it captured for eternity using our services.

Family Shoot

Family photos at every stage are important because they go down for generations and look great on the walls of the home.

Mini Shoots

A memorable day like graduation on the way? Call us to get the best pictures that will be perfect on the corner of the wall.

All packages include an engagement shoot, a private web gallery for your guests to
purchase prints and a venue visit!

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How To Improve Your Wedding Photography Skills?

Wedding Photography

Weddings are a special moment for the bride and groom who promise to spend their lives together in front of everyone. As a result, because this is a sacred event, every couple wants their photographs to be perfect so they can look at them later in life and cherish them forever.

wedding photography skills

To capture a wedding, a photographer must be skilled enough to capture even the most insignificant details of the couple’s life at the time. So, if you are a photographer who wants to branch out into wedding photography, here are some pointers to help you improve your wedding photography skills.

Scouting the location

Scouting is one of the most repeated and reliable practises in wedding photography. Almost every wedding photographer is concerned about this aspect of their work. Scouting the destination at least a week beforehand will allow you to better handle and prepare for any changes in plans. Even if you are aware of the location, avoid jumping to conclusions and explore all the corners and crevices on your own for the perfect shot.

Know your equipment

The wedding day is clearly not the time to try out new equipment and different settings. Experiment with different settings or devise a wireless trigger. As a result, you should be familiar with your equipment and how to use it to take the best pictures. No lens or camera can compensate for lack of knowledge or skill set. By knowing your equipment, you’ll be able to adjust to the many surprising changes that may occur on the wedding day.

Focus on the lighting

Good lighting is the key to all photography because there will be no good images without it. As a result, you should be familiar with the various lighting options and how to regulate and reshape lighting in a picture. Carry your camera with you wherever you go to practise your skills. This will spare you much time formatting and prevent you from taking irrecoverable shots of big points.

Instruct how to pose

Many couples may be unfamiliar with the photo shoot concept, making it challenging to pose. Posing is an art form that includes proper lighting, editing, and other details. As a photographer, you must therefore take the initiative and instruct the couples on how to pose. You must also exercise various posing options to accomplish this, which can mean distinguishing between a drab and a diverse image.

Many couples

Be creative and be a ninja

Being creative is essential in any type of photography. To make wedding photography more special for couples, try to make the pictures as creative as possible. You can accomplish this through natural lighting scenes or even through the various poses of those participating in the photoshoot. Also, act as a ninja where the bride and groom cannot see you; you will get the best shots this way.

Important Lifestyle Photography Skills You Should Know About

Lifestyle Photography

Photography is a skill in and of itself. Regarding lifestyle photography, it is critical for photographers to sharpen their skills to capture the best images of their clients living in the moment. It is a portrait photography style that seeks to capture actual events artistically. The goal of this style of photography is to tell people’s perspectives through candid, unposed shots. To improve your lifestyle photography skills, use the tips listed below.

Show rawness and authenticity

Rather than a posed portrait with an artificial background, the photographs should reflect people’s real and everyday lives with a sense of authenticity. You can motivate your clients to be as natural as possible with their possessions lying around and use them to reflect a sense of rawness.

rawness and authenticity

Plan the photoshoot

Lifestyle photography may imply capturing spontaneous natural events, but it does not absolve you of the responsibility of planning the entire photo shoot ahead of time. To proceed with the photo shoot, you must be personally and technically prepared.

Before the shooting day, you should get to know and understand your clients, including their lifestyle, what their typical day looks like, and what they like and dislike. Technically, you must be familiar with the photoshoot location and camera settings and be able to adapt quickly to changes.

Everyday locations are the bet

Lifestyle photography is about more than just the lights and camera; it’s about how the images depict people’s lives. As a result, locations are critical in depicting the realities of the subject and their lives in photographs.

Everyday locations

Hence, you should select locations that are both comfortable for you and your clients while also representing who they are. Simply speak with your clients to determine where they spend their daily lives and plan a photoshoot at those specific locations to reflect authenticity in the photographs.

Tell them how to act, not how to pose

Because not everyone is good at posing, you must take the initiative and teach your clients how to pose. However, you must instruct them on how to behave so that you can take photographs at the appropriate times. Give them ideas but don’t tell them how to pose exactly. This makes them more natural and relaxed throughout the photoshoot, resulting in better results.

Detailing is important

Not every photograph you take has to be a medium to a wide shot. You’ll need to zoom in on specifics that deserve a close-up shot and give heed to what helps make the room theirs to create a collection of photographs that reflect who your subject matters are. Lifestyle photos are much more than a photo shoot; your clients will acknowledge that you look for specifics other than the apparent shots.

Always carry your camera

carry your camera

To capture great moments in lifestyle photography, you must always carry your camera with you. This is significant because you never know when you’ll get the best shot of the day during an unexpected moment. Be prepared to shoot during short breaks as the client’s self-knowledge will be at its lowest, displaying raw feelings and their ultimate reality.